Wapeach/Walupeachy 3D Model

Here's Walupeachy!

Here's Walupeachy!

A 3D model of Wapeach aka Walupeachy aka Warupichi 「ワルピーチ」. Wapeach seems to be the most accepted name for her for now. She is a scrapped Mario character that gained some traction back in December when her design was leaked. She was intended to appear as a rival to Princess Peach in Mario Tennis, then being tried again for its sequel, Mario Power Tennis where she was also scrapped.

Here I've made a model based off the leaked design by Fumihide Aoki, the same person who designed Waluigi. The model is somewhat fashioned to be like the models from the latest Mario Tennis game, Mario Tennis Aces.

I've ported this model into a few game mods so far, like Left 4 Dead 2: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3170516238

Wapeach belongs to Nintendo and Camelot Software. Originally designed by Fumihide Aoki.